Wednesday, October 31, 2007

things r nt wat it seem2b

not what it seems like

oh well..if thats life..we have to make full use of it! aint we? :D

cheers to all the obstacles..all the hills and mountains..all the difficulties thrown in at us!

we shall not fail..yeh!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Food for thoughts!

woah 0_O"
quotes that I would love to paste on my office walls! motivate encourage me ..along the way.. aza aza fighting!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Dear All Frens,

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions for the upload of music files!
Really appreciate your kindness..

However due to my busy schedule and tons of unfinished work, I can't try them out yet.
I will start to "play"around with all the links once I have more free time.
Thanks once again and may happiness follows you now and always


with much gratitude!
dilo @ suwei



anyone? care to show me the way ?!?!

any street directory book to LIFE?!

any GPRS system to direct the way back or front.. to a better new future?

Friday, October 26, 2007

how to..? - ONE

I have a few songs I wanted to upload onto my blog so that even at other pc, I can listen to them from the blog and also more importantly I want to share with my readers..
But then...
being such a PC or rather IT idiot, I tired surfing for information on the "how-to"...but take a lucky guess..woahahah..i still can't find..
typical me eh?
sad sad sad :(
can someone help?
I mean I don't want others to do for me but insted I want to learn to do it that next time I can pass the "knowledge" to others..isn't this what learning process should be? :P

saying prayers on ...Full Moon day of Thidingyut

Full Moon day of Thidingyut
...a day which falls in the seventh month of Burmese calendar and the end of lent.

Infact there are actually three days to celebrate this light festival, namely the day before full moon, the full moon day and the days after. Illuminations are there to celebrate the anniversary of Buddha's return from the celestial abode where He had spent the lent teaching the celestials about His Law. Among the gods was the one who was the mother of Buddha, reborn there. It was on the full moon day of Thadingyut month that Buddha descended to the abode of humans. He and His disciples were attended by a heavenly host of celestials who created a pathway of star ladder. Buddhist on earth illuminated the homes and streets to welcome Buddha and His disciples.

However, more common practice among the Burmese is to pay homage and offer respect to the elders with cakes, fruits, clothing and money. Subsequently, they will ask for their forgiveness for the any wrongs they have committed. And in return, the elders will bless them and give their forgiveness and metta to the younger ones.

So from here, I would like to seek forgiveness from the elders all of whom I may have came into contact with..including parents, both paternal and maternal grandparents, monks, teachers, mentors and seniors….
With palms together, to say a prayer and with words of sorry for any offence I have committed with my words, actions, behaviors and thoughts..

Toyota Prado for sale

Dear All,

Pls let them know of this offer!

Don't delay!!!
Toyota Prado for sale - 10 000 rup
price negotiable

· Still in very good condition · 30,000km
· Full service history
· Double Airbags
· Cooling seats
· Several owners
· Immobilizer; Power steering
· Air'-conditioning (as natural as the mountain air)
· Full security
. More freedom to move around
Please scroll for full details:




PS: TGIF! so hav a laugh..enjoy the weekend..dear frens

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the art of creation!

why can't they...??

why can't some people learn ...

- - to let go ?
- - to stop their grudge and learn to forgive and forget ?
- - to move on in life ?
- - to let others move on with their lives ?

- - to let others as they are now in the peaceful and cease disturbance ?
- - to let others heal ?

- - to leave the past in the many yesterdays and instead bring forward in todays and many tomorrows to come ?
- - to leave the "grave" as it was and purposely have to dig them up again and again ?
- - to leave the ghosts of the past as they were and learn to look for new angels of the future ?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Poof with it goes for David Copperfield's World of Wonders!

With the approach of November, I was sadden by the fact that the American Magician, David Copperfield has cancelled or rather (quoted from his management stated in an e-mail to organisers) ""postponed indefinitely" his South-East Asia shows following sex allegations for his misconduct in the United States. The master illusionist scrapped a series of engagements in Southeast Asia as the FBI investigates allegations he sexually assaulted an unidentified Seattle woman. While Copperfield has yet to publicly address the investigation, his manager, Chesnoff has denied any wrongdoing by his client. Copperfield's accuser claimed the sexual misconduct occurred in July in the Bahamas, but she didn't file her complaint until she returned to the States, prompting the FBI to investigate.The bureau's Seattle office has declined to comment on the specifics of the case.

Well, whatever it is, such a pity it is to not being able to catch him in action.

I was about to buy the highly in demand tickets but perhaps by sheer luck, the news on his shows being cancelled were announced. I hope that someday at sometime I could still catch it with the one I plan to do so..hopefully..crossing fingers!

Show details:

Date: 2nd & 3rd November 2007(Friday & Saturday)
Time: 7pm Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket pricing: $148, $128, $98, $68
(excluding $2 SISTIC fee)
SISTIC ticketing hotline: 6348 5555 or


It was only today that I came to a realization: there are already more than 100 posts I have written on my blog. I believe that most of the blogging sites which I usually like to visit would mention with somewhat pride that they have reached the 100-post quota. To me, I started blogging not by chance but by choice. It was finally produced after a long consideration and several trial testing. But whatever it is, I am glad that I did it and simply love both the title and name of it. The origin of the name would be from the frequently used phase of mine which is “di lo bae”. Dilbae in fact in Burglish (Burmese words spelt out in English, which is similar to han yu pin yin of simplified Chinese) is the answer to the usual common question “how are you” or “how is life” or “how have you been”. That is to say “all things have been same as before” or to simply put in Singlish “like that lor”..

Well, being such me, a lover for cutie sweetie things, I made some modifications to the “dilobae” and came up with this “dilobear”. Not only can it refer to as the burglish word but also the name of the bear which is “dilo”. So this is how it came about..
Really grateful to those who came to visit this site often with or without having leave me comments. I hope to post more useful and enriching articles in future! So let’s grow matter where you may be, regardless of age, language, nationality…

Monday, October 22, 2007

three treasures!



1 Day all villagers decided to pray for rain.On the day of prayer all people gathered & only one boy come with umbrella.


Trust should be like feeling of a 1 year old baby,
when you throw him in tha air, he laughs....Because he know you will catch him...


Every night we go to bed,
have no assurance to get up alive in the next morning But still we have many plans for coming day...


for those with these three treasures are richer than anyone i can ever think of..

dun u agree?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

dilobear's lesson 2

i've learnt that ...

with time as healing tools, no matter what, people will forget what you have said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel...
so don't do things which you will regret,
don't wait till everything is beyond hope or there is no more chance of any salvation to it!

Something to take note

TREVOR SMALLWOOD BRISBANE OFFICE Tel +61(0) 7 32221347 Ext 17347 Fax +61(0) 7 32221219
Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent
and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash
and you will not be able to fix it!
If you get an email along the lines of 'Osama Bin Laden Captured'
or 'Osama Hanged' don't open the attachment.
This e-mail is being distributed through countries around the globe ..
Be considerate & send this warning to whomever you know.
You should be alert during the next days: Do not open any message with an attached filed called 'Invitation' regardless of who sent it.
It is a virus that opens an Olympic Torch which 'burns' the whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list, that is why you should send this e-mail to all your contacts.
It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it.
If you receive a mail called 'invitation', though sent by a friend, do not open it and shut down your computer immediately.
This is the worst virus announced by CNN, it has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever.
This virus was discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept.
ps: the above mail is forwarded several times from frens. wonder if it is true.but no harm reading and take note of it. hoat :P

Sori naw

saying sorry is never too easy.
for some, its easy to utter this 5 letter words while some may not like saying.
But whatever it is, sorry is a word that comes hand in hand with regret and agony.

And...i really want to say


really really :(

misty morning

Goodie morning: D

Lately the morning are cooler and more misty which remind me similar weather in Myanmar in the month of Oct, Nov and Dec, especially in yangon and taung gyi! Even though sleep did not come easily like it used to in the past few nights, I was lucky to catch a glimpse of this cooling beautiful sight of sunrise in the morning...somehow someday I hope I can go back to my motherland - - Myanmar ..To wake up to a beautiful cooling morning

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Butterfly's Lesson

The story of "A Butterfly’s Lesson" was sent to me by a fren in the powerpoint format. In my understanding, the message it seemed to convey is very simple:

there is a time for everything! so take it slow..for somethings are meant to happen at that particular use rushing and puffing this up!

~ A Butterfly’s Lesson ~

”One day, a small opening appeared in a cocoon; a man sat and watched for the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole.
Then, it seems to stop making any progress.

It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could not go any further.
So the man decided to help the butterfly: he took a pair of scissors and opened the cocoon.
The butterfly then emerged easily.

But it had a withered body, it was tiny and shriveled wings.
The man continued to watch because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would open, enlarge and expand, to be able to support the butterfly’s body, and become firm.
Neither happened!

In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a withered body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.
What the man, in his kindness and his goodwill did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening, were God’s way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings, so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.
Sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life.

If God allowed us to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us.
We would not be as strong as we could have been. Never been able to fly.
I asked for Strength...
and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for Wisdom...
and God gave me problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity...
and God gave me a brain and brawn to work.
I asked for Courage…..
and God gave me obstacles to overcome.

I asked for Love...
and God gave me troubled people to help.
I asked for Favors...
And God gave me Opportunities.

“I received nothing I wanted...
But I received everything I needed."
Live life without fear, confront all obstacles and know that you can overcome them.

Monday, October 15, 2007

open vs close

Who said "Open" n "Close"

are words with opposite Meaning.
You will always be open to the person
who is close to you.

that's what I always believe!
to be truthful and frank with your closed ones..
no lies..nothing but the u no need spend time remembering all the lies.
lies even if they are "white lies" are still considered lies.anit it?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brain teasers - - Q


1. The maker doesn't want it; the buyer doesn't use it; and the user doesn't see it. What is it?

2. A child is born in Boston , Massachusetts to parents who were both born in Boston , Massachusetts . The child is not a United States citizen. How is this possible?

3. Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain on Earth?

4. Clara Clatter was born on December 27th, yet her birthday is always in the summer. How is this possible?

5. Captain Frank and some of the boys were exchanging old war stories. Art Bragg offered one about how his grandfather led a battalion against a German division during World War I. Through brilliant maneuvers, he defeated them and captured valuable territory. After the battle he was presented with a sword bearing the inscription "To Captain Bragg for Bravery, Daring and Leadership. World War I. From the Men of Battalion “Captain Frank looked at Art and said, "You really don't expect anyone to believe that yarn, do you?" What's wrong with the story?

6. What is one thing that all wise men, regardless of their religion or politics, agree is between heaven and earth?

7. In what year did Christmas and New Year's fall in the same year?

8. Why are 1990 American dollar bills worth more than 1989 American dollar bills?

9. A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 die. How many are left?

10. How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?

11. How could you rearrange the letters in the words "new door" to make one word? Note: There is only one correct answer.

12. Even if they are starving, natives living in the Arctic will never eat a penguin's egg. Why not?

13. Which is correct to say, "The yolk of the egg are white" or “The yolk of the egg is white"?

14. In Okmulgee , Oklahoma , you cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg. Why not?

15. There were an electrician and a plumber waiting in line for admission to the International Home Show," One of them was the father of the other's son. How could this be possible?

16. A clerk in the butcher shop is 5' 10" tall. What does he weigh?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

JI has its own beauties too - - - ONE

a late evening where i caught one of the sunsets from my 2 megapixels hp camera while rushing out in "ruby"!

nice eh..sure it is..aint it? :)

but i would prefer watching it in peace at the sea side..preferrably with ice cream and in nice company wor :P

oh well..dreams..and wishes..there would be a time to make them all come true!

me and nemisis - ONE

Me and my nemisis (ONE)

Cute, cuddly, adorable and loyal are words commonly used to describe them.
soft, furry, sweet, part of the family are what they are usually associated with..
However, to put in laymen's term, they are simply known as “pets”!
But pet lovers simply refuse to use this term and instead choose to give more endearing and humane names.

so who are they?????????????

I must confess I really have nothing againsts them.REALLY. no prejudice, no grudge, eh nope. nothing against these creatures!!!

But whatever it is, I do not want to have anything to do with them. Really nothing at all.
Not in the past, not now nor in the near future!
Coz these dogs are never my-cup-of-tea nor will they ever be on my-list-of-favourite-things!

I have such long histories with them that I can't help but stand a few feets apart whenever i catch sight of them. .I sincerely and deeply wish and hope that they too would leave me alone instead of playing this game of "the-more-i-try-get-away-the-more-i-got-chased-by-them"

Perhaps the solution for this abnormal phobia would be to get myself a young puppy the method of “以毒攻毒” (not sure if i got the words right but what i actually want to say here is to use poison agaisnt poison)..haha..aint i a smarties :P

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Below is a forwarded mail from a fren.
I am not so sure about the reliability of the whole story but no harm reading it and take precaution against such things in future!

A 26-year old decided to have a cup of coffee.
He took a cup of water andput it in the microwave to heat it up
(something that he had done numerous times before).
I am not sure how long he set the timer for,
but he told mehe wanted to bring the water to a boil.
When the timer shut the oven off,
he removed the cup from the oven.
As he looked into the cup,
he noted thatthe water was not boiling,
but instantly the water in the cup "blew up" into his face.
The cup remained intact until he threw it out of his handbut all the water had flown out into his face due to the build up of energy.
His whole face is blistered and he has 1st and 2nd degree burns to his face
which may leave scarring.
He also may have lost partial sight in his left eye.
While at the hospital, the doctor who was attending to himstated that this is fairly common occurrence and water (alone) should never be heated in a microwave oven.
If water is heated in this manner, somethingshould be placed in the cup to diffuse the energy such as: a wooden stir stick, tea bag, etc.
It is however a much safer choice to boil the water ina kettle.
General Electric's response:Thanks for contacting us.
I will be happy to assist you.
The e-mail that you received is correct.
Microwaved water and other liquids do not alwaysbubble when they reach the boiling point. They can actually get superheated and not bubble at all.
The superheated liquid will bubble up out of the cupwhen it is moved or when something like a spoon or tea bag is put into it.
To prevent this from happening and causing injury,
do not heat any liquidfor more than two minutes per cup.
After heating, let the cup stand in the microwave for thirty seconds before moving it or adding anything into it.

i hate tuesday!!!!

bad bad days... all happens on

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

understand..yes?no? or..

do not presume to understand what you think you understand when in fact what you think you understand is not what you thought you have understood it to be coz when you actually understand you would not have to think if you have understood for understanding comes with a knowing..

thats the mistake we always make...presume..assume..we'd never truly understand the way things are..the way things are meant to be..
perhaps.. because humans are simply too complex, too superficial minded creatures..don't u agree too? :P

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

they do make mistake too..:P

Incident happened on 17 Aug 07 at 1.30pm. ..
1) Carpark entrance/exit – idiotic car came out from here
2) Idiotic car should go this way.
3) But idiotic car went this direction and got stuck at the stairs for pedestrians.


the driver is a …………….
……… MAN.
(about middle age)

Moral of the story:
Don’t always blame female drivers.
Male drivers ain’t any better. Hahahahaha….

Monday, October 1, 2007

Health is Wealth

I guess its so true that $ makes the world go round!
woah..what a saying..but i guess, I rather don't have such financial wealth.. such shallow superficial things..
to me..being healthy..being rich in friendship, kinship and relationship is much more meaningful and much more wealthy than any other things in the world!
one must be healthy physically in order to give one's best performance.
one must be in healthy mentally that is a healthy state of mind to think logically and systemetically especially where work is concerned.
Thus even if it is such a cliche`, how true it is - - being healthy is indeed having accumulated such aubndance of wealth!

pin a Red Ribbon!

"...tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree.."

this "Yellow ribbon" song was sung in early 70s or so, in support of jail birds ( i believe i am being such a prejudice against them by linking them with such a term! ts bad of me) or rather in a more humane term would be to refer these people as whom had one reason or another ended up having stayed in prison for a period of time.

how about the baby Pinki ribbon? those are to represent the brave women who had won the battle against Breast Cancer! to women, breasts are vital part of their body. because two humps protruding out of their bodies are not just for physical health purposes but also representing their womenhood. without them, one can't help but feel less of a "female". however due to circumstances, which i believe is in most cases, the breasts have to cut off to prevent any cancerous cell from spreading to other organs of the body. women have to fight agasint this ugly illness and also to term up with the fact that what they pride to have had been lost forever.

as for the RED Ribbon, the burmese especially in singapore are wearing them to show their support for those who dare to walk against, for those chaffrom robes, against the brutal, violent and over-possesive-for-power Theives in yangon! Subsquently, it is also to show that our hearts will beat as ONE no matter how far away we might be from our needy motherland!Cheers to those who dare to walk ..
wonder if u are wearing the red ribbon today ?!