Thursday, August 28, 2008


I love children.
Particularly babies..ewweeee..
I love being with them.
I love playing with them.
I love their way of thinking.
Innocence. Gullible. Frank. Trusting. Naïve. Funny. Cute. Sweet.
But at times, they can be naughty, weepy, tricky and so troublesome.

Despite all these, my love for them remains..
Someday I will have them. All of my own…
How many?
As much as I can take it pop..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

aunty diLo-to-be :P

dilo Bear is going to be aunty to little Junior Aungsan ..!
dilo wonders ..whether .. a little missy or mr..
wii wiink!
its really so amazing isn't it?
a small tiny life..from an egg and sperm it will grow..into a little tiny baby..

>> 11 weeks and 2 days!

congrats to both mum and dad to be..!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

similar or different..does it matter?

It’s the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it’s the little differences that make them interesting...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Confession of a Bear named Dilo (ONE)

Ahem. In the name of ahem ahem, Dilo Bear would like to confess to the readers that she is incapable of doing the following things:

1. Writing posts in Burmese language or giving comments in Burmese

>> typing itself is a tedious process, not to mention having to remember the format of the letters and icons on the keyboard. If I were to type out one paragraph then I suppose it is better to kill me than attempting to make me go through such pain and stress! Actually the most important thing is that I am not really good with Burmese language although I can speak it fluently :P woahaha

2. Installing C-Box for readers to give comments

>> Well, the c-box is inaccessible from the place I am stationed for most of the time ! So what is the point of having it when I would hardly be there to keep up with the comments?
So if want to give me comments openly then can do it after the post or if want to tell me secretly (*roll eyes*) then can send to my gmail: or the more private gmail which most of my frens know of!

3. Changing the banner, blog skin or add addition features to the site
4. Sharing songs so that one click can simply lead to the downloading of the song
5. Sharing Pictures but with the logo of "dilobear" on them so as to prevent Copyrights
6. Installing Burmese fonts onto the blog site

>> Sorry, I really is an IT or pc Idiot! Lolz, will take me ages just to read the instructions, let alone trying them out step by step
So if you notice, I hardly do anything to the site even though I would like to change it according to the season and occasion. No doubt I have a few "experts" who are really pro. I called them the "Blogger- Agent". They knew where and how to go about "renovating" blogs.
Perhaps I should be their agent and help them find "business" on this Blog Renovation! Woahahaaha..well, its just a thought only eh..

So ya.
A thousand apology if I miss to reply your comments. Someday when Dilo has learnt the tactics she shall try out and upgrade this site :D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"I Can See Clearly Now"

By Jimmy Cliff - - "I Can See Clearly Now", ..the song is from the movie 'Cool Runnings'.

Friday, August 22, 2008

candles in the sky on 22, 23rd Aug 08


22 - 23 August @ Marina Bay Floating Platform

Feerie will take to the stage at Marina Bay with their fireworks show entitled "French Romance" - on 22nd Friday
Woojin will be presenting a mystical "Korean Fantasia" - on 23rd Saturaday

The event will open in the evening from 5.30pm with a fun, interactive and exciting build-up of performances and carnival featuring a wide array of arts, food and beverage stalls leading to the main fireworks at night. The fireworks display will start at 9pm.

For more information, go to HERE

Thursday, August 21, 2008

sth cooling..for ur eyes :d

A place in Hongkong..Taken by a colleague (YS) who went there last month.

A very sceneric and peaceful indeed!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


just realise that this such numeric :P
a nice day to remember, if one if holding memorable event/ function / occassion like wedding..ek..
ya and wedding-mania again...woahahaa..

Monday, August 18, 2008

from A to Z..

AVoid negative sources, people, places, things & habbits.
Believe in youself.
Consider things from every angle.
Don't give up and don't give in.
Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come.
Family and friends are hidden treasures; enjoy their riches.
Give more than you planned to.
Hang on to your dreams.
Ignore those who try to discourage you.
Just do it.
Keep trying no matter how hard it seems, it will get easier.
Love yourself first and most.
Make it happen.
Never lie, cheat or steal, always strike a fair deal.
Open your eyes and see things as they really are.
Practice makes perfect.
Quitters never win and winners never quit.
Read, study and learn about everything important in your life.
Stop procrastinating.
Take control of your own destiny.
Understand yourself in order to better understand others.
Visualize it.
Want it more than anything.
Xcellerate your efforts.
You are unique of all God's creations, nothing can replace YOU.
Zero in on your target and go for it!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ag and Au..

Ag (silver) for Singapore..and Au (gold) for China!
well...I think efforts were made..but what will be will be.. :P
But whatever it is, the very first medal way to go go go..!

Full moon

there was FULL moon over the weekend..15th, 16th and 17th !!

I love looking at moon as much as cresent and stars...But this time, dilo bear feels rather lonely in admiring them, in looking up to them..
ps: the effect of photo is not good as I took it with hp camera. although its so-called 3 megapixel..but worst than the previous hp ..hint hinttt..hummt

Friday, August 15, 2008

X-periment! 08 Exhibition

X-periment! 08 Exhibition

Venue : Marina Square Central Atrium (level 2)
Date : 15 Aug – 17 Aug 2008 (Fri – Sun)
Opening Hours : 1100 – 2100 on (15 -16 Aug)
1100 – 1900 on (17 Aug)
Its quite educational for children..and adults too. If you can spare the time :D
ps: i be there. on sat..will u be :D

Thursday, August 14, 2008


often, we look into mirror..and look at our physical appearance..
if hair is out of place, can use comb to smoothen it
if attire is untidy, can change into a new set of freshly iorned one
if the face is dry, can use cream to moisten it

but then..have we really reflected the INNER self upon looking into mirror?

dilo bear also wonders if..

she has done a reflection upon...
the way of thinking, control of the uncontrollable heart, way of behaving..
i wonder..
this we often forget to see and reflect..
i wonder if u have done it..coz..

i realise inner beauty is also as important as outer one :D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The blue Books

Piglet came running to Pooh and said breathlessly, “Me has something to show you. Guess what?”
Pooh was busy, as usual, so said half-heartedly: “I don’t know Piglet! Why don’t you tell me what have you got in your hands?”

“Öh, I have got your photo in my right hand and the Blue Books in the other!” in between breathes, Piglet continues, panting: “I got them! Finally I did it! Aren’t you proud of me Pooh?”

“As you said, I took you spiritually with me, all these while I am striving hard for it! I hope I did you proud! Hee..”

"Hug Hugs.."said Piglet with a jump and give a beary hug to Pooh!

Piglet was lucky. It took a total of 3 months of writing, 3 months of editing.. Handed in 5th of May and get confirmation on 31st July. Only took Piglet a total of 2 months time for the examination of it..! Handed in the final bound on 13th August..! Aint Piglet a lucky fellower :P..wiiik..weee..

Time to say good bye ..

Its hard..when there come a time ..the say goodbye..
here is a lovely song on this..
Perhaps it may not be soothing on first attempt..but at least it doesn't make goodbye..sounds so bad, so hurting...ahhe..

Time To Say Goodbye
by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman

Lyrics in English translation (From HERE):

When I'm alone I dream of the horizon and words fail me.There is no light in a room where there is no sunand there is no sun if you're not here with me, with me.From every window unfurls my heart the heart that you have won.Into me you've poured the light,the light that you found by the side of the road.

Time to say goodbye.Places that I've never seen or experienced with you.Now I shall, I'll sail with you upon ships across the seas,seas that exist no more,it's time to say goodbye.

Andrea BocelliWhen you're far away I dream of the horizon and words fail me.And of course I know that you're with me, with me.You, my moon, you are with me.My sun, you're here with me with me, with me, with me.

Time to say goodbye.Places that I've never seen or experienced with you.Now I shall, I'll sail with you upon ships across the seas,seas that exist no more,

BothI'll revive them with you.I'll go with you upon ships across the seas,seas that exist no more,I'll revive them with you.I'll go with you.

You and me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Over heard this song in the morning.
Fall in love with it instantly..
I hope that I will get to sing this song to that particular someone..

if fate allows..someday..somehow..somewhen..
when he knows what love is, when he realises his love for me..
because despite everything, I am really thankful and grateful too..for the chance to know have him come into my fall for him, to care for know what love is.. to learn the art of learn to grow..

Although I have not watched the drama series, I hope to do so soon if my schedule allows.
So is..just sharing..
Hope that you will like it too.


A shot love song by HK TVBS actress Myolie Wu and actor Bosco Wong.
They are popularly known as “Boscolie” by their fans.
This song is used in War of The In Laws 2 (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶)
(Grateful to have met you)
感激遇到你 (歌词)胡杏儿/黄宗泽

Myolie:: 这是爱承诺用心恋爱
Bosco: 谁人是最爱 全程投入去爱 有你每日也精彩
合: 永远与你一起
Oh, baby, I love you,
I love you everyday
lyrics on HERE
Pin Yin for Cantonese pronounciation:
感(gam) 激(gik) 遇(yue) 到(do) 你(nei) [War of In-Laws 2 sub] -
Myolie Wu & Bosco Wong
這(je) 是(si) 愛(oi) 承(sing) 諾(nok) 用(yung) 心(sam) 戀(luen) 愛(oi)
注(jue) 定(ding) 要(yiu) 和(woh) 你(nei) 同(tung) 步(bo) 飛(fei) 身(san) 愛(oi) 海(hoi)
誰(sui) 人(yan) 是(si) 最(jui) 愛(oi)
全(chuen) 情(ching) 投(tau) 入(yap) 去(hui) 愛(oi)
有(yau) 你(nei) 每(mooi) 日(yat) 也(ya) 精(jing) 彩(choi)
* M+B:
永(wing) 遠(yuen) 與(yue) 你(nei) 一(yat) 起(hei)
日(yat) 後(hau) 都(do) 只(ji) 愛(oi) 你(nei) 永(wing) 遠(yuen) 的(dik) 心(sam) 動(dung)
每(mooi) 日(yat) 也(ya) 令(ling) 我(ngoh) 回(wooi) 味(mei)
珍(jan) 惜(sik) 就(jau) 像(jeung) 調(tiu) 味(mei)
能(nang) 維(wai) 繫(hai) 便(bin) 銘(ming) 記(gei) 愛(oi) 你(nei) 能(nang) 教(gaau) 我(ngoh) 幸(hang) 福(fuk) 一(yat) 世(sai) 紀(gei)
Oh, Baby, I love you
I'll love you every day
永(wing) 遠(yuen) 的(dik) 心(sam) 動(dung) 每(mooi) 日(yat) 也(ya) 令(ling) 我(ngoh) 回(wooi) 味(mei)
珍(jan) 惜(sik) 就(jau) 像(jeung) 調(tiu) 味(mei) 能(nang) 維(wai) 繫(hai) 便(bin) 銘(ming) 記(gei) 愛(oi) 你(nei) 能(nang) 教(gaau) 我(ngoh) 幸(hang) 福(fuk) 一(yat) 世(sai) 紀(gei)
感(gam) 激(gik) 遇(yue) 到(do) 你(nei)
你(nei) 是(si) 我(ngoh) 唯(wai) 獨(duk) 熱(yit) 戀(luen) 一(yat) 個(goh) 約(yeuk) 定(ding) 以(yi) 後(hau) 甜(tim) 蜜(mat) 地(dei) 分(fan) 享(heung) 被(bei) 窩(woh)
Bosco: 誰(sui) 人(yan) 極(gik) 疼(tung) 我(ngoh) 全(chuen) 情(ching) 投(tau) 入(yap) 愛(oi) 我(ngoh) 叫(giu) 我(ngoh) 快(faai) 樂(lok) 太(taai) 清(ching) 楚(choh) Repeat *
Grateful to Have Met You [War of In-Laws 2 sub] - Myolie Wu & Bosco Wong
This is love;
promising to love you with all my heart
Destined to walk simultaneously with you,
rushing into the sea of love
Who is the one I love most
Loving you wholeheartedly
Having you, each day is so wonderful
* M+B:
Being with you forever,
will only love you hereafter
Being moved by you forever,
will cause me to recollect the pleasant feeling each day
Cherishing is like seasoningAble to maintain [this feeling],
so it will engrave on my memory
Loving you has taught me to be happy for a century
Oh, Baby, I love you I’ll love you every day
Being moved by you forever,
will cause me to recollect the pleasant feeling each day
Cherishing is like seasoningAble to maintain [this feeling],
so it will engrave on my memory
Loving you has taught me to be happy for a century
Grateful to have met you
You are the only one
I am passionately in love with
Have agreed to happily share bed and blanket hereafter
Who loves me dearly
Loving me wholeheartedly
Causing me to be happy;
it’s so obvious
English and Pin yin translation from HERE
Special thanks to Blueberry and Honeybee

Monday, August 11, 2008

where the "bird nest" glow, glimmer and shimmer..

To start the 080808 Olympic Event..

More photos from HERE by Alan Taylor

1.3 billion —
Approximate population of China, and probable amount of money spent on opening ceremony fireworks in US dollars.

100 million —
Number of media stories in past three weeks to mention dogs and animal penises as foodstuffs.

15,000 —
Number of swear words used in five minutes by NBC executives when they discovered their delayed telecast of the opening ceremony was being circumvented by live streaming on internet.
5000 —
People worldwide who claimed to understand all of opening ceremony.

29,000 —
Approximate number of times Seven's commentators used the word "spectacular" during the opening ceremony.

08/08/08 — Winning numbers in a Chinese national lottery based on when the opening ceremony would occur. Winning payouts were extremely low.

Friday, August 8, 2008

paying tribute for the 8888..!

In burmese, this very digit EIGHT is pronounced as "shit"..
hee.. ops..clash of culture!
To us, the true blue burmese, the digit "8" brings to mind the fateful event that took place in 1988...! This date "8.8.88" is known as 8888 to us. This was the RED day where pro-democracy protests erupted in Myanmar. The protests were initiated by the students demanding the restoration of a democratic government in Myanmar. Inspired by the students, government workers, monks and ordinary citizen also joined in the protests. The protests led to the fall of dictatorial regime of General Ne Win but the army took over the power immediately afterwards and ruthlessly ended the movement (quoted from HERE).

Indeed, it had been "shity" as it sounds to be.. I had been young at that time but still cant recall the call of students and the bloodshed shown on Tv and the gossips and rumor spread among the people at that time..
On this day...I will pay tribute here to the protesters who lost their lives. those who participated in this demostrations..believe in our rights..and to freedom... In remembrance of and as an honour to students, monks and civilians involved in the largest demonstrations, bloodshed, the people of Burma have ever seen..and experienced before!

The number 8, 八!

EIGHT is a digit Chinese like to associate themselves with..
The word for "8" (八) in Chinese (pronounced as “ bā ”). It sounds similar to the word which means "prosperity" or "wealth" (发 - short for "发财", pronounced as: fā). In regional dialects the words for "eight" and "fortune" are also similar, eg Cantonese "baat" and "faat"..
Hence the fondness for this digit by the Chinese population world wide!
Coincidently, there is also a resemblance between two digits, "88", which represent the shuang xi ('double joy'), a popular decorative design composed of two stylized characters 喜 (xi, 'joy', 'happiness')..
So the more the merrier for this digit, be it in car license, handphone number, house number..

unfortunately, this year 2008, 8.8.2008 is not a consider an auspicious date as this day falls in the month of the "lunar 7th month" where the ghosts and spirits from another world is let out to "visit" this another 8.8.8 strikes...again..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

8 million dollars toto jackpot! 08 08 08

This friday, it will be the 8th of august 2008.
It is such indeed a special date (08.08.08), well, not wanting to miss out such a golden chance ..The Singapore pools had came up with an 8 million dollars toto jackpot!
Draws are usually held on Mondays and Thursdays. Although punters could have bought tickets for the draw from last Thursday evening but many are waiting until Thursday or Friday morning to do so. This is because under the system, punters who buy a Toto ticket before the weekly Monday 4.30pm draw must enter numbers for two consecutive draws, that is, Monday's and this Friday's. This would split their chances of winning. If they buy it after the Monday draw, their numbers will apply only to the Friday draw, so their chances of striking it rich will increase.

Anyway, the sales will close on the 8th august at 9 pm!
So there is still time to try your luck if you have not!

GOOD LUCK..You will have to wait until 3008 for another '08.08.08'. ..!


Being a bubbly, talkative and too dependent DiloBear..who wants care and concern occassionally, remembrance frequently ..its really hard..
I have really tried... for this period of time..
Put in a lot alot effort and will power...
to give my understanding, silent and the peace you would seek to have..!

I hope you are happy and well


but it seems..sometime when given "ALL IN" mold into something that one can never seem some character will have to welcome for the newer ones..umm